We’ve all heard of online dating. To many – who clearly haven’t experienced all the fun – it’s a glorified phrase for sketchy hookups filled with unimaginable horror stories from awkwardly bumping into each other few days later to just having terrible sex.

I’m not going to lie. I totally signed up for an OKC account for all the horror stories.

In September 2013, I was at a good place. I had finished most of the grunt work to apply to nursing schools, the volunteer season had ended (hence weekends were free), and I finally had a regular (although menial) income. What better idea than to throw boys, alcohol, and awful hookup stories into the mix?! It’s a great conversation starter and I might never have this chance to go crazy again. I was, after all, a recent college grad. The term “alcoholic” didn’t apply yet, so why the hell not?

What I never thought I’d get out of this was a ¬†boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I met on OK Cupid, texted for almost two weeks, went on three dates (two involving alcohol and one sober attempt to flirt the waters), embarked on an overnight trip to the city, chatted on the phone for 3 hours at a time, were separated by 12 states for a week (work on his end), and became exclusive.

All in 4 weeks.

Rush much? Seems that way to most people, but to us, it felt right. I guess it’s true that things happen when you least expect it, because I least expected to find a stable, romantic relationship – and a guy who fits right into my lifestyle, personality, and ambitions – off online dating. In a month. Online dating was supposed to be for kicks and giggles. Instead, I found something much more than that: love. Since our first meeting 3 months ago, I have been on a fucken cloud.

With him, I am beautiful, I am alive, and I am moving.

And I won’t have it any other way.

This video is the epitome of commercialism-meets-fancy-advertisement-and-gorgeous-media. Great money-making strategy to transform a simple clothing line into a gorgeous, happy-and-healthy lifestyle everybody covets… But not so good for the burning wallets of many. Regardless, this video makes me happy and inspires me to live everyday like a rave:

Live on a high, smile sin reason, and sweat my worries away.

I’m still working on hitting these three points every day, but I can do it. Speaking of which – 2014 has finally rolled in and it’s time to make some commitments. I’m ready.

(1) Join a run club

Ever since completing my first half marathon last year (Nike Women’s 2013!), I’ve been obsessed with running – and it’s become a close first place for my ultimate favorite way to sweat.

(2) Keep a blog on things I love

I love finding new ways to sweat, discovering sweet vegetables at the farmer’s market, sharing my obsession with J Crew/Nordstrom/VS PINK/KSNY, and harboring a secret interest in dermatology.

(3) Run another half marathon

I absolutely loved NWM last year. Yes, it was well organized and yes, I loved the tiffany blue color-theme… But most importantly, I absolutely loved running by the pier. The sea breeze, salty air, and the feeling of taking off in the middle of the road without any cars… It was a breathtaking experience. That’s why shortly after I ran my first 13.1 miles, I signed up for another one in San Francisco. Except this time, I coaxed and successfully recruited my then 10-days-old boyfriend. I wanted to share this experience with someone – Good thing we’re still dating!

(4) Read one book a month

Who doesn’t have this on their list?

(5) Beautiful 11 abs by April

Before spring rolls around, I’d like to be able to sport my new cute bikini (that I purchased from Victoria’s Secret during the semi-annual sale) with a gorgeous set of “here or not here?” abs. The lovely 11-abs that showcases fit potential of a gorgeous gal… That I want!

Since Day 1 of this year, I’ve decided that my 2014 will be amazing – full of sparkles. My vie will be out of this world. And I will make it that way.

xo, evie


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